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With ABC Book Homeschool, your child will learn how to write in no time. Constructed by educational experts,
ABC Book provides innovative solutions to common homeschooling problems.

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Homeschool App Built By Experts

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We understand the huge responsibility of homeschooling our kids. That’s why we hire the leading global education experts.We work with these experts as well as local teachers and policy makers to ensure we create the best product for the academic subjects we cover.

Due to our relentless pursuit of perfection, our homeschool applications have been
awarded for educational innovations on an international level. We are also achieving excellence in field results when our homeschooling resources are tested by kids.

Back to Homeschool Award 2017

Not only have we received two Innovation Fund Grants from the EU, but we have also been invited to share our expertise on the Horizon 2020 project for the next three consecutive years, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

As if that wasn’t enough, we are the only non-Finnish EdTech company to be accepted into the Finnish EdTech Cluster, based on our innovative creations.

This is phenomenal since we know that the Finnish have the most progressive education in the world.

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We provide you with a complete homeschool package. Our curriculum corresponds with standards and includes curriculum mapping ensuring there are no learning gaps.
We also provide pacing guides and class prep materials with a simple-to-understand overview of the curriculum.

In addition to this, we provide you with easy-to-follow webinars that give you practical teaching examples and will make you a PRO homeschooler in no time. If you were to need additional support, our on-demand customer support is always available.

We’ll Make You a Homeschooling Expert in No Time!

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Homeschooler’s Testimonials

Thank you for creating such a useful app! My family loves this app because of its life-like stories and characters. I use it to teach my boys to write letters and words and to explain to them the correlation in nature using the different characters in the app. The graphics are awesome too! Good work!- Mother of two boys, 4- and 6-year-old
Awesome! I’ve been using this app for two weeks now and not once was I afraid I wasn’t qualified enough to homeschool my children. The app is easy to use and logical. Every parent who is thinking of homeschooling their kids should try it.- Mother of two, 3- and 5-year-old
Wow! This is the best educational app for young children I have tried. And we have tried a lot of them, believe me! My son now likes to learn, just as it should be. We love it!- Father of a 5-year-old boy
Great support guys! I had a couple questions about the menu and scorecards, and your support responded very quickly. I also found out about the webinars. They were very useful. They aren’t boring at all but were very functional. Keep up the good work!- Father of a 4-year-old girl

Unleash Creativity and Save Time

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After talking with lots of homeschooling moms, we gained an understanding of how difficult it is to provide your kids with creative and interesting homeschooling lessons day after day and keep your house clean too.

That’s why we included some awesome characters and our very own Mila the Fairy in our homeschooling app. She provides 1-on-1 educational time with your kids to free you up for some of your housekeeping chores. Not only that, by using our homeschooling app you will be able to spend more time with your kids.

Our amazing characters, interactive stories and your child’s interaction with Mila the Fairy can be incorporated into daily lessons.

We know you and your kids are going to love it!

ABC Book Homeschool Characters 2

What Kids Say About Mila the Fairy and ABC Book Homeschool

My little girl loves Fairy Mila, the character from the app. As a parent and first-grade teacher, I think the COPRIX team did an outstanding job with ABC Book Homeschool app. Also, my wife absolutely loves it! I think every educational app should have one “Fairy Mila.”- Father of a 4-year-old girl
Great app! The story behind the app and all its content are creative and perfectly balanced. It shows that there was a lot of effort put into its development. It makes it easy for me to find the beginnings of stories and lessons to teach my kids. It really does offer great support for my homeschooling efforts. A must-try for all parents like me.- Homeschooling mom of three
My daughter loves Kevin the Kangaroo character from the app. She uses the app every day! I only wish the app creators would create figures of the characters from the app so we could buy them! That would be awesome! Please, guys?- Mother of a 3-and-a-half-year-old girl
My homeschooling efforts would be less effective if I didn’t use ABC homeschooling for my kids. It has saved me a lot of time and given me the inspiration I needed. All the best to you guys, give me more of this high-quality stuff!- Father of two kindergarten children

As parents ourselves, we understand how easy it can be to go over budget when your kid’s education is at stake. That is why at COPRIX, we adopted a “no-hidden-fees” policy. This gives you full control over your budget and you don’t get hit with additional costs you were not expecting.

Other EdTech providers try to charge extra for add-ons. The price stated includes everything you need to do the job. Not only did we set a no-hidden-fees policy, but we made our homeschooling app affordable for everyone, everywhere.

ABC Book Homeschool for iPad and Android tablet.

All the updates that we publish during your subscription and we work tirelessly 🙂

Our Quick Start Guides will get your kids going easily while giving you more time to go through the rest of the materials.

User Guides are a good reference point if you want to explore particular feature or functionality.

Our time optimized, easy to follow Webinars will get you up to speed in an engaging way while giving you practical advice on using the applications.

Each of our webinars will remain online and be accessible to you for the whole year if you wish to review them again.

Pacing guides that are provided with our app ensure that specific standards are taught by predetermined points during the year.

Our included homeschooling materials; standards correlation & curriculum mapping, together with pacing guides and class preparation materials will provide you a simple-to-understand overview of the covered curriculum, while making sure no curriculum gaps happen.

We know that sometimes you can just get stuck and need a little friendly push to get things going.

This is exactly why our on-demand support is setup for.

You will have access to detailed scorecards, that will show you progress & statistical reports.

Our open user community is very important for exchanging of best practices.

Not only did we set a no-hidden-fees policy, but we made our homeschooling app affordable for everyone, everywhere.

We believe in our affordable pricing so much, we will give you one month FREE – right now!

Affordable with
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ABC Book Homeschool Scene Y

Keep them focused and eager to learn!

The lessons take place in a diverse world, crafted to the last detail with educational value in mind. Every item, character and location is chosen to facilitate learning. Every element is designed to grab and keep each student’s attention.

ABC Book Homeschool printed B

Our App is smart. And at your service.

Our app is designed to behave like a private tutor, using state-of-the-art handwriting analysis tools. It adjusts to the difficulty level of each task. It informs your child if they went wrong and then explains why while showing them what they need to improve and how to improve it.

At all times, you, the parent are in total control. You set the pace of the lessons, stylus type, letter size and all other features according to what you want your child to accomplish. It’s all yours to adjust and tailor the app to meet your child’s personal educational needs.

ABC Book Homeschool Statistics for letter A

Parenting: All you need to know

Making all the right decisions about your child’s education is easy, if you have a complete overview of their progress and achievements. You get this kind of insight with individual scorecards.

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