About us

ABC Book Homeschool Vision

We want to help develop a world where Einsteins, Teslas and Picassos are discovered in the first grade! A world where each child can get full access to the highest quality education, an education that will actively help them develop their natural abilities and interests and help them achieve their full potential. We want to help start this process as early as the first grade! Our desire is to help create a world where education is not static, boring and confined inside a classroom but rather one that is readily available to every child everywhere. A world where innovative, interactive, fun and interesting things happen when you learn. We want to develop a world where team play is not considered cheating, but is promoted and rewarded.

This is How We Do It

We make a game of science. What looks like a simple game to a child, is actually a data-driven, scientifically based, expert- developed tested and approved certified learning system. Children use touch-sensitive devices that allow them a natural way to interact and develop graphomotor skills. They are having fun while interacting with the application, unaware they are involved in the learning process. While they are “playing,” the system collects and analyzes their individual data. The app then customizes the user experience, grading and leveling so that each child develops to their unique maximum potential.

The Goal of ABC Book Homeschool

Our goal is to become global leaders in education by providing high-quality educational content in the form of certified multi-platform, interactive educational applications.

Meet the Fantastic Team at ABC Book Homeschool

How we create amazing apps? We have team that cares as much as you do.

Vladimir Kopric

Vladimir Kopric


His unique, ruthless and nothing-is-impossible attitude combined with his entrepreneurial “let’s do it now” work ethic, are the foundations of the entire project.

Marko Marinkovic

Marko Marinkovic


Marko is a salesman, it’s in his DNA! “Oh, and BTW – you really need to get some…..”

Ana Kopric

Ana Kopric

Legal & Economics

Ana’s legal and economics educational background paired with her many years of startup experience in the US and Europe, provides a strong foundation for ABC Book Homeschool.

Nikola Milinkovic

Nikola Milinkovic

Multiplatform Developer

Nikola is a fast learner, but even faster at applying gained knowledge. “Bug hunter,” and “destroyer” are his middle names.

Nemanja Milinkovic

Nemanja Milinkovic

Full Stack Developer

Nemanja is hardworking as a bee. His endless patience and programming capabilities are his strongest weapons.

Luka Tilinger

Luka Tilinger

Illustrator & Animator

Luka breathes life into illustrations through his creativity and attention to detail.

Milos Rusov

MIlos Rusov

Automation Support

Milos is a young professional who is focused on improving the automation of marketing and sales processes so they reach higher levels.

Zlatan Kopric

Zlatan Kopric


 Zlatan keeps our entire department on task through his knowledge, dedication and reliability.

Bosko Petrovic

Customer Support

Bosko is ambitious about helping others. But he is also dedicated to making education better. This is the perfect combination!

Paul Davis

Customer Support

Paul is instrumental in our US based operations. His attention to details and working knowledge of customer support processes are huge assets.

this could be you !

What is your Super power?

What is your superpower?  – Hey, why not contact us and tell us what your superpowers are? Let us reserve you a place on an awesome team!

Emil Mladenov

Specialist Advisor

Emil is an EdTech specialist and serves in the capacity of an advisor.

Stephen Forte


Stephen is a startup specialist.

we have great partners!

We are proud of our partners who recognized our innovation and creativity as well as the quality we aspire to produce.

Office Locations


Our US Office is located in Miami Beach!

350 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach

33139 Florida

Phone number: +1 (305) 519-4528

E-mail: miami@coprix.school