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Unleash Creativity and Save Time

We know how difficult it is to provide your kids with creative and interesting homeschooling lessons every day, while also keeping up with today’s busy lifestyle.

That’s why COPRIX homeschooling apps come with your very own homeschooling assistant, Mila the Fairy! She provides 1-on-1 educational time with your kids, freeing you up for your daily tasks.

And all the other amazing characters and stories are there to spark your kid’s creativity and imagination, without “locking them to the screen.” With COPRIX homeschooling apps, your kids will get best education fast, and then have more time for those outdoor activities and play.

With our help you’ll be a creative homeschooler in no time

Get Full Attention

Give your kids lessons
they’ll love:

  • Great art style
  • Compelling stories
  • Easy to use
  • Adaptable settings

Keep Them Occupied

Kids stay eager to learn because COPRIX apps:

  • Show good examples
  • Reward their improvement
  • Encourage practice
  • Spark imagination

Save Time

Do not waste any more time:

  • Schedule lessons
  • Keep them focused
  • Review results later

Unleash Your Homeschooling Creativity Now

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